Notice of Determination of the Selected Works

We are pleased to announce that we decided the selected works in the “Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU Design Competition.

■Selected works:
 21-0007  Wataru Kashiwagi, Mone Hirose (JAPAN)
21-0066  Eunseo Choi, Min Park(KOREA)
21-0133  Yuka Sugihara(JAPAN)
21-0347  Katarina Bogicevic(SERBIA)
21-0404  Thanapoom Boondee, Tanakorn Yasotorn
     Saran Prisutkul, Patthadon Wiwatsakulcharoen(THAILAND)
21-0510  Mitsuhiko Kurose(JAPAN)
21-0830  Haduki Sakaguchi(JAPAN)
21-0909  Sera Yanagisawa(JAPAN)
21-1331  Anna Bugaeva(RUSSIA)
21-1360  Ralfs Edvards Ašaks(LATVIA)
21-1871  Weimin Zhai(TAIWAN)

■The number of entries:
  Pre-registration: 1,876
  Submitted Works: 834

Please click here to see more information about selected works.

The winners of each prize will be decided from the 11 works in the final judging and awards ceremony, held on June 26th 2021 in Higashikawa, Hokkaido.
Initially, we had planned to invite all 11 selected applicants to the final judging and awards ceremony in Higashikawa. We regretfully have to announce that we cannot invite the finalists living outside of Japan, as the restrictions on entry to Japan are not expected to be eased in the near future. In accordance with this change, the final judging and awards ceremony will be held without overseas finalists (except for individuals who have already entered Japan, such as students). The presentation of the works by the selected applicants, including those from overseas, will be made by videos submitted in advance. We are planning to invite the overseas finalists, who are unable to be invited to Higashikawa this time, as guests for the final judging and award ceremony of the 2nd annual competition to be held next year.