Notice of Determination of the Selected Works

We are pleased to announce that we decided the selected works in The 3rd Annual “Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU Design Competition.

■Selected works:
・23-0468 Lee Yeonhui(KOREA)
・23-0848 Kim Seoho  Shin Dongseok  Yoon Jeongbae(KOREA)
・23-0895 Zhou Shunbin  Huang Jun(CHINA)
・23-1027 Bae Joonyeol(KOREA)
・23-1044 Shang Meichen  Kong Qian-xi(CHINA)
・23-1133 Jurgis Grasmanis(LATVIA)
・23-1160 Yu Toyofuku  Yuya Kanamori(JAPAN)
・23-1299 Wang Chung-Kai(TAIWAN)
・23-1368 Lee HyunJung(KOREA)
・23-1419  Marco Florian Bär(GERMANY)
・23-1477  Wang Jiupeng  Shen Lili  Hao Junqing(CHINA)
・23-1562 Rattanaporn Lertwiboonkit  Tadtawan Tadkrasae(THAILAND)

■he number of entries:
Pre-registration:  1,619
Submitted Works: 564

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The 12 selected works will be judged by a panel of judges on Sunday, June 25th, and the awards ceremony will be held on the same day.

*Please note that the ceremony may be subject to be canceled or changed due to the status of COVID-19.