Notice of Determination of the Selected Works

We are pleased to announce that we decided the selected works in The 2nd Annual “Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU Design Competition.

■Selected works:
・22-0111  Kousei Shishido(JAPAN)
・22-0243 Nazuna Konishi(JAPAN)
・22-0696 César Ikumoto(JAPAN)
・22-0745 Ricardo Hiroyuki Makino(BRAZIL)
・22-0754 Tobias Pålsson(SWEDEN)
・22-0930 Teruyoshi Kaneko(JAPAN)
・22-1023 Alisa Watanabe(JAPAN)
・22-1027 Jeon Seung Hyun  Lee Chan Whi(KOREA)
・22-1441  Minwoo Jeon(KOREA)

■The number of entries:
Pre-registration:  1,588
Submitted Works:  581

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The 10 selected works will be judged by a panel of judges on Saturday, June 26th, and the awards ceremony will be held on the same day.

 At first, we had planned to hold a public presentation by the winners, however, there is an uncertainty on your coming and attending the ceremony concerning the social situation, we have decided that only a panel of judges will select the winners based on the videos submitted by the winners in advance.

The award ceremony will be held with the participation of those who are able to attend both from Japan and overseas.

*Please note that the ceremony may be subject to be canceled or changed due to the status of COVID-19.