Kengo Kuma’s dialogue with Mayor Matsuoka was featured in the Nikkei online edition.

An article about a talk between Mr. Kengo Kuma, an architect, and Mayor. Matsuoka of Higashikawa Town in Hokkaido, and others was published in the online edition of Nikkei Newspaper. The discussion was titled “Post-Corona and the Future of the Region Using Corporate Versions of Hometown Donation System.” In addition to the “Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU design competition, the discussion focused on the following topics. A collaborative effort between the community and businesses looking ahead to the era beyond the Corona disaster. What is needed in each field to promote architecture, woodworking, furniture, and other industries. And the possibilities for the future of Hokkaido and other regions are discussed.
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Nikkei Newspaper Online Edition (Only available in Japanese)