About Submission of Your Work

This is a guide on how to submit your work to the 3rd Annual “Kengo Kuma & Higashikawa” KAGU Design Competition. Please see below for a checklist of the required documents for submission.

*The submission form will be made available on the website once the submission period has started.
* Submission Period: Friday, March 24th, 2023 to Friday, March 31st, 2023 at noon (JST)
*We recommend that you use the latest version of your web browser to ensure proper display and operation of the website.

How to submit your work
1. Access the【Work Submission】page on the competitions official website.
2. Log in with your registration ID (e.g. 23-〇〇〇〇) and email address.
3. Fill in the required fields.
4. Confirm the information that you entered. After clicking【Submit】, your submission will be complete.

* If you register as a group, please click the【+】and  fill in the information of all members.
* If your group has more than 5 people, please contact the executive committee.
* In the case of a group, all members must submit a document certifying that they are enrolled in an educational institution. (File format: PDF or JPG)
* The file size of your work data must be 3MB or less. (File format: PDF)
* Please be sure to confirm the application rules and pledge before your entry.

After your submission is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address that you registered (automatic email).

We look forward to receiving your work.